About Us

Maui Modern Home, a luxury brand of outdoor furniture, debuted in March 2021 in a pop-up retail location in Wailea, Hawaii.  Our initial plan was to introduce mid-century inspired, high-quality outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs and decor to the island.  We want to thank everyone that stopped in, shopped and showed us there is indeed a need for a new look, an alternate approach, to outdoor furnishings on Maui.

The initial response was extremely positive but unfortunately we weren't able to extend our pop-up lease at Wailea Gateway Center....which has caused us to temporarily close our retail storefront.  We're busy looking for our next location and we will reopen on Maui.  In the interim, you can still see our line via the website and custom orders can still be placed (just be forewarned that global shipping delays have increased time in transit and it can take anywhere from 14-18 weeks from order placement to delivery on Maui.  If you stopped in the shop and saw the furniture....you know it would be worth the wait).  To place a custom order, simply call (808) 298-0600.

This business, Maui Modern Home, was born of a need to provide high-quality, beautiful outdoor furniture to the discerning clients of our parent company, Studio Sonja Milan.  That business, located in Chicago, found it difficult to source really great original, mid-century, outdoor furniture.  The brutal Chicago winters wreak havoc on outdoor furniture and very few original pieces survive.  We worked with one of the leading outdoor furniture manufacturers in Indonesia to develop the Maui Modern Home line.   It's as beautiful as the finest mid-century originals...but it fully utilizes all the technical innovations in materials and fabrics that are currently available today. 

We plan to eventually bring original, vintage furniture to Maui as well.  In the interim, our full inventory of unique mid-century furniture is available to view online at www.studiosonjamilan.com.  If you see something you love, we can make arrangements to have product shipped here.